Saturday, December 22, 2018

Such a Deal!

I am proud to announce the third novel in the Detective Tony Alfano thriller set, 

It’s 1933 Chicago, the Century of Progress Fair draws over a million people a week to the city. And not all of these people are looking for fun. It’s the politics, the night life, the rackets, and the mob that draw them. Does the city turn away from this evil and dissipation – hardly. Often, they are willing participants. Detective Tony Alfano, a righteous cop in an unholy land, is the corrupt mayor’s sword of truth and justice.

Pre-orders until December 31, 2018. It’s on Amazon for only $0.99.

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Friday, December 14, 2018


Well this is a first, and sadly probably not the last. My coming of age novel, The Cherry Pickers, got a ONE STAR review - - - and I'm thrilled. This is what the review said:
This had the potential of being a great story. Then a little over halfway it had to bring a homosexual relationship into the mix. Also some weird non Biblical evolution bs but I can overlook some ignorance in a novel. Trying to "normalize" a homosexual relationship. Ended the story for me.

Two slaps in the review, one for the "normalized relationship" and the other for some unstated slant on evolution (no idea about this one, but I'm intrigued). I've received many tearful reviews and letters about this novel, how it affected my readers and made deep, long lasting impressions. For many it was a return to their youth, to family, to a time almost forgotten. It's not sugary, or gooey, but an honest look at one summer in the life of a fourteen year old boy and the dying of another man - an honest man.
It's sad that we approach life in ways that only substantiate what we believe, and not take a stroll on paths not normally taken. And since I know the person who made the review downloaded a free Kindle copy, then felt it necessary to post this very personal (their's of course) review, I'm saddened.
I read dozens of books from many genres every year, I look for the challenge that the writer imposed on themselves, and I look for the humanity (sometimes dark, sometimes enlightening), but always human.
My fist is held high for the ONE STAR review.
Click on the image and go to the Amazon site.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Cherry Pickers is FREE

And you will thank me later.

Today, NOVEMBER 15, through Sunday, my award winning novel THE CHERRY PICKERS is free on Amazon. This young adult story is for everyone who would, if they could, return to the simpler days before cell phones, television, and the minute by minute accounts of the world's troubles. Here, in Michigan, a strong family deals with insanity, life choices, death, and love. It is well worth your time. Just read the first chapter and you will be magically transported to a time we all hope to find.

The Cherry Pickers is FREE

And you will thank me later.

Today, NOVEMBER 15, through Sunday, my award winning novel THE CHERRY PICKERS is free on Amazon. This young adult story is for everyone who would, if they could, return to the simpler days before cell phones, television, and the minute by minute accounts of the world's troubles. Here, in Michigan, a strong family deals with insanity, life choices, death, and love. It is well worth your time. Just read the first chapter and you will be magically transported to a time we all hope to find.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thanks to All

Thanks to all of you for downloading your free copy of 12th Man For Death. The promotion was a huge hit, over 2500 copies of the book were downloaded from Amazon. And almost 50 other books in the Sharon O'Mara series were also downloaded.

If you would be so kind to sign into my mail list that would be even better. I'm trying to get to 5000 names and I'm woefully short. Once you sign in looks for special treats later int he year, who know what it might be.

I'm also announcing the release date for the next Alfano thriller, Chicago Fix. It will be published as an e-book on December 11. Pre-orders will be soon. I'll let you know.

Saigon Red is available for pre-order so click the image on the right and get it. It will magically appear on your device March 6, 2019.

All else is good. Sfi-Fi novel is through initial production and will now go into deep space looking for a publisher. The next Sharon O'Mara is in editing, pub date to be announced this fall.

Just a few requests please:

Please post a review for any of my books, this is so important these days to independent publishers.

Please buy a copy and fall into the worlds of Sharon O'Mara, Tony Alfano, and Howie Smith.

More to come . . . . .

Thursday, October 4, 2018

12th Man For Death is Free


October 18-21, 2018

Thursday October 18th through Sunday October 21st, the Sharon O'Mara adventure-thriller 12th Man For Death is free at San Francisco, Venice, Italy, high speed America's Cup racing, and death. What do terrorists want with a high-tech sailboat, read this thriller to find out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Cover Reveal for Alfano and O'Mara

I'm excited to release the new covers for the latest Tony Alfano and Sharon O'Mara thrillers. Both books will be ready for pre-order ebooks on November 1, 2018. Final publication dates to be announced. Look for copies of the the ARC (Advance Reading Copy) soon. When and where will be posted here and on NetGalley.

Both are great stories to be added to the lives of Tony and Sharon and the cast of eccentric friends and even stranger enemies.

Stay Tuned . . . . . .

Monday, September 17, 2018

My new book trailer for Venice Black!
What would you do if your past collides with another's past?
Two pasts that are hunted by evil and greed!


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Saigon Red Cover Reveal

Just received the cover design for the next Alex Polonia thriller, Saigon Red, due out next March, 2019. I think it's great. Thomas & Mercer are a great publishing partner and can't wait for you to get your hands on this next installment. Venice Black is doing well, but can always use a few new readers and recommendations.

Let me know what you think. Here it is side by side with Venice Black.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


A story that you must read:

If you ever wonder why an author spends the time to craft a story and develop characters, these reader’s reviews will tell you why. 
We don’t write for the money (however, please buy my books), we write to tell stories. To take our readers to places they’ve never been, or to times when they wished they might of lived, or for just a few hours, become someone else. 

Based on the following reviews, I am thrilled that I accomplished this.

These are posted as shown on Amazon, punctuation and spelling are the reviewer’s.

The Cherry Pickers takes place in 1956. It is a time forgotten, a place forgotten, a childhood remembered.

Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite
Set against the backdrop of the summer of 1956 on a farm in Michigan, with reminiscences of WWII and the threat of nuclear war, The Cherry Pickers by Gregory C. Randall is a coming of age story that follows the life of Howie, a teenage boy with a deformity on his arm, a deformity he uses to scare his friends. He isn’t loved by his aunt, who is an alcoholic and who unloads her invective on him, but his grandmother treats him with compassion and tenderness. While life in the orchard is seasonal and neat, with the last row of trees standing on the old lake bluff above and the forest below, young Howie Smith sees beyond its limits a world of infinite possibilities; he sees it in the primeval Michigan woods spread below the limits of the orchard, and that becomes his world and fief. Against the backdrop of this setting, the author creates the story of a family, exploring the dynamics of relationships, their fears, and a young boy’s unique adventure with life. 

The characters feel real, like people we walk with every day in life. They are real when they cuss, they are real when they moan in pain, and they are real in the simple gestures and conversations that punctuate their daily life. Apart from Howie, the protagonist, I enjoyed Uncle Frank, a character who epitomizes Gregory C. Randall’s gift for humor. Randall has a wonderful gift for narrative and the prose is evocative and lyrical, filled with wonderful images. A whole delight in itself and a world for the reader to explore. 

The style is unique and I enjoyed the references to the war, and as per Charlie, one of the characters, there is so much to worry about, should another war break out: “The world’s tired of war. That war they say is coming is too horrific to think about. … It would be a war with no refugees, Hiroshima showed the world that.” How does one as young as Howie, living on a farm, handle the thoughts of impending war? Is the woods a form of escape for him or a mere place of adventure? The Cherry Pickers is a gorgeous story that unveils the thoughts and fears, the hopes and threads that bind together a rural people.

Additional Reviews on the book’s Amazon Site

M. Schoenholtz

August 9, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I haven’t read such an enjoyable book in a long time. I can’t even recall the last time or what that book even was (maybe as far back as the first Harry Potter releases …)!

With the first paragraph, I was transported to the main character’s perspective. This is a coming-of-age story like no other. In a world where the popular stories are of other genres or sub genres such as dystopian tales, horror/vampire/faux erotica, vapid love stories, and gory mysteries, I sat enthralled to the very end.

As I watched the countdown decrease, I began to not want to finish the book so quickly. There’s always a let-down when one finishes a really good book, and I dreaded it.

Only 4 stars, because there were a few disconnects in the writing; also some changes in tense in the same sentence, omission of a pronoun or article, and missing or poor punctuation, which if corrected would’ve made a line a little less confusing. It wasn’t easy to determine if some of these were the author’s hand, or, and more likely, the transcriber converting this to digital format. These issues don’t appear with any real patter, so did not distract my attention nor detract my immersion in the story, but did force me to pause to make a note.

August 9, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is such a great story of family, understanding, and love. Very well developed characters. I would love a follow up story maybe 10 years after just to find out what happens to the characters that I’ve grown to love. Thank you Mr. Randall for sharing this with me. I will look for other works you have written and I highly recommend to all who want to discover depth in a novel.

July 30, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
For young and old alike who enjoy getting lost in a well written story that could be your family or you wish it were.

I really enjoyed this book probably because I grew up in a small farming town in Iowa and would help my Grandpa on his turkey farm in the summer during the 1950's. Well written with excellent descriptions of characters , with which I could sometimes identify as people in my own town.

July 5, 2018
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this book probably because I grew up in a small farming town in Iowa and would help my Grandpa on his turkey farm in the summer during the 1950's. Well written with excellent descriptions of characters , with which I could sometimes identify as people in my own town.

June 23, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
5-stars for Gregory C. Randall's The Cherry Picker

Having grown up in Michigan in the 50s and 60s this book at incredible significance to me. Even if you haven't had the wonderful experience of growing up in the Midwest, I suggest you give this wonderful coming of age story a try.

The vast array of characters are well developed, diverse, have challenges and surprises of their own. They come together to weave a wonderful summers tale of life on a cherry farm. The boys' experiences are timeless and have as much in common with today as they did in the 1950s. The threat of nuclear war has not gone away, fascination with tobacco products remains strong and young boys experience the same physical changes to their bodies as they grow into manhood.

Women have a lot to relate to too in this story. Mother, grandmother, wife and an adolescent girl all interact and influence the young boys' lives.

I highly recommend The Cherry Picker to readers who like a coming of age story that combines nostalgia mixed with coming to terms with what it is to be a man.

July 30, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Anyone looking for explosive drama in this coming-of-age story will be disappointed, but a reminder: a story doesn't have to be a thriller to be incredibly good.

Randall introduces characters with care and skill, like pencil sketches gradually filled out and painted, shaded and brought to life on the page. The Smith and Rex families are riveting not as much for what they do, as for the subtle responses and motivations that make them who they are.

I found myself wanting to get back to the story when called away from it just to spend some more time with them. That's probably the highest compliment I could pay the author, to whom I'm grateful for sharing them with me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Thank You!
Thank you to all those that have downloaded my novels during the past three weeks. We have had nearly 10,000 copies of Chicago Jazz, The Cherry Pickers, and Diamonds For Death downloaded. It had also led to over a hundred copies of the other novels, in the various series, also being purchased and downloaded. Thank you to all of you for allowing me a few hours of your time. I hope that you enjoy them.

Working furiously on the editing for the next Tony Alfano thriller, Chicago Fix. This should be released later this fall. Tony has become one of favorite characters, it allows me to explore the issues of police procedurals as well as imagining what Chicago was like in the 1930s before there were car radios, high speed communications, and of course our favorite toy of today, the cell phone. The series will proceed in a time frame of weeks, not years. In fact, I’m trying to develop interesting stories that include the Century of Progress World’s Fair, and Chi-Town’s historic fact of corrupt politicians and organized crime. If you have any ideas, just drop me a line at

Sharon O’Mara is not forgotten. I’m hoping to release this winter the next book in the series, #6. It is titled Limerick For Death and takes the whole gang to Ireland to help Kevin Bryan figure out how to deal with his inheritance—an estate and farm overlooking the Irish Sea in County Cork. It even has an evil New York City developer.

Alex Polonia (Venice Black – almost a hundred reviews, posted and starred), will be back next March. The new thriller, also published by Thomas & Mercer, is called Saigon Red and as the name implies, Alex is off to Milan, Dubai, and Saigon. New job, new boss, and a new evil awaits. Into the final editing. I’ll post here when the cover is announced.

I’ve been told by my new publisher, Black Opal Books, that my two World War II thrillers will be out next year—that’s right two thrillers published in the same year. Excited to work with this new publishing house. The books are tentatively titled: This Face of Evil, and Pawns in An Ancient Game. Both are Max Kline and Regi Norcross OSS/MI6 thrillers. Thank you to my agent, Kimberley Cameron for making this happen.

So, the bottom line: five novels to be published over the next eighteen months. No rest for this writer, and as John Lennon said: “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”

The Future:
Working on a science fiction thriller (yes, that’s right SciFi), more on this later. Also, a family saga that deals with the aftermath of the Vietnam War and how, even after fifty years, its impact still haunts the Davis family.

I hope that you enjoy my work, all I ask is a short review. And while I may not agree with some of the comments, I respect and appreciate every reader and their interest in my work.

More later . . . . .

Wednesday, July 18, 2018



A Sharon O'Mara Thriller

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Venice Black is Live!!

Today Venice Black is Live.

This is the first book in an ongoing series with Thomas & Mercer. I am so proud and happy that this day has finally come. Took a long time, but the book is a solid effort and I hope that you can add it to your collection. It is available as an ebook, a CD, and Audible MP3, and of course a paperback. The next in the Alex Polonia series is out next year, Saigon Red.

Get it HERE

Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9th to the 11th, 2018

The Story:
This is the third book in this action adventure series, The Sharon O’Mara Chronicles. In TOULOUSE FOR DEATH, Sharon O’Mara is asked to help a friend’s dying godfather return four magnificent Impressionist paintings; the most important a large canvas by Toulouse Lautrec, to their rightful owners. Seems simple, but O’Mara learns these paintings were stolen during the final days of World War II from a plundered Nazi treasure trove. She is now confronted, seventy years later, with horrific events that throw her back into Hitler’s obscene war against the Jews. Her efforts to return these paintings forces O’Mara to combat the New Nazi Reich in a deadly race to find a secret key hidden in Paris that may enable these international criminals to restore the Nazi’s to their former vile glory. It is a race to the death.