Monday, November 30, 2020

Thank You and A Cover Reveal


I want to thank all of you who downloaded a free copy of one or all of the Sharon O'Mara adventure thrillers. She is the reason I got into this writing gig, and she it still my second favorite gal. I hope that you are enjoying them.

I gave away 10,052 copies - that's right over 10,000 free books.

I'm thrilled and I hope you are one of those that took the time to download the ebook from Amazon. Again thank you very much.

I am also pleased to announce the cover for the next Detective Tony Alfano thriller (see below with the first three covers in the series).

Tony is becoming one of my favorites. It's 1933 - so no TV, no cell phones, limited radio, and certainly no police radio. Chicago is in the middle of the Century of Progress World's Fair - and 200,000 people visit the city on any weekend. It has become a city full of tourists, gangs, gambling, and other forms of corruption. Just the background for an honest Italian cop on an Irish police force.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020



In celebration of the holidays and as way of thanking you readers for your support, from Sunday November 21 to Wednesday November 25 - ALL the Sharon O'Mara books are free on Amazon.


Five Days Only

These six books tell the stories of Sharon O'Mara and her three close friends, Kevin Bryan and Gina Cavelli as they face adventures, romances, and international intrigues and serious bad girls.

Sharon is an retired Army MP, who after a couple of rough starts in the real world of the San Francisco Bay Area, found that she had a the ability to help people solve complicated problems. Her business card reads FACILITATOR, but she more than that, she is a friend and problem solver.

Her military experience provided the hard tools she needs in her chosen trade, she favors the Beretta 92, but is also comfortable with her brains and her fists.

She's taken on domestic terrorists, Iranian killers, a Cuban kidnapper and slaver, Chinese cartels, evil New York developers, and even a WWII SS Nazi in Argentina.

She has her demons, but with her friends the world is a lot better.

Download them all, enjoy them in order or mix it up. And don't forget my other series as well:

Chicago Detective Tony Alfano - fighting crime and politics in 1933 Chicago (and soon Hollywood)

Alex Polonia - fighting international crime in Venice, Saigon, and St. Petersburg

And look for my other stand alones as well.

(All the books have been certified Covid19 free as well.)