Saturday, December 22, 2018

Such a Deal!

I am proud to announce the third novel in the Detective Tony Alfano thriller set, 

It’s 1933 Chicago, the Century of Progress Fair draws over a million people a week to the city. And not all of these people are looking for fun. It’s the politics, the night life, the rackets, and the mob that draw them. Does the city turn away from this evil and dissipation – hardly. Often, they are willing participants. Detective Tony Alfano, a righteous cop in an unholy land, is the corrupt mayor’s sword of truth and justice.

Pre-orders until December 31, 2018. It’s on Amazon for only $0.99.

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Friday, December 14, 2018


Well this is a first, and sadly probably not the last. My coming of age novel, The Cherry Pickers, got a ONE STAR review - - - and I'm thrilled. This is what the review said:
This had the potential of being a great story. Then a little over halfway it had to bring a homosexual relationship into the mix. Also some weird non Biblical evolution bs but I can overlook some ignorance in a novel. Trying to "normalize" a homosexual relationship. Ended the story for me.

Two slaps in the review, one for the "normalized relationship" and the other for some unstated slant on evolution (no idea about this one, but I'm intrigued). I've received many tearful reviews and letters about this novel, how it affected my readers and made deep, long lasting impressions. For many it was a return to their youth, to family, to a time almost forgotten. It's not sugary, or gooey, but an honest look at one summer in the life of a fourteen year old boy and the dying of another man - an honest man.
It's sad that we approach life in ways that only substantiate what we believe, and not take a stroll on paths not normally taken. And since I know the person who made the review downloaded a free Kindle copy, then felt it necessary to post this very personal (their's of course) review, I'm saddened.
I read dozens of books from many genres every year, I look for the challenge that the writer imposed on themselves, and I look for the humanity (sometimes dark, sometimes enlightening), but always human.
My fist is held high for the ONE STAR review.
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Have a Wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year.