Monday, June 29, 2020

St. Petersburg White News

It has been a bizarre and strange last four months. My wife and I started this adventure the afternoon of March 11 in San Diego, with a conversation with Jim L’Etoile and Bruce Coffin at Left Coast Crime. A lot of questions were bantered about, us being thriller writers and all, you can guess the drift. The result was that my wife and I packed up our bags, repacked the car, and bolted for home in Northern California the next morning. Since then we have, like the rest of us, been in lock-down. It was a shame that LLC was closed the next day, so many had put serious time, sweat, and effort into making this an outstanding conference. I’m sure some hearts were broken; I wish them well. Maybe the conference will return to San Diego sooner than later. As they say in the good book, “Next year in Albuquerque.”

You can read the past posts below, nonetheless, I have been busy. I’m hoping to publish four books this year. Sector 73was published on June 9, and the next Alex Polonia, St. Petersburg White, is due out at Amazon on August 11. Pre-order it now, and I will be forever indebted to you. Even buy you a drink when I see you next year (assuming we can leave home).

This is the third in the Alex Polonia international thriller series. Venice Black and Saigon White were the first two; Thomas & Mercer published them. It was a good run. They are extremely professional and there to help. Unfortunately, I didn’t fulfill their numbers and expectations. There was a time when 22,000 unit sales were bestseller levels, today in the ebook trade, it is hardly a bump. So, St. Petersburg White is being published by Windsor Hill Publishing, our own publishing company. It’s was nice to use their algorithms to market and sell the books, but it is also very nice to have complete control. Pre-order it now!– before they run out.

I’ve completely rebuilt my webpage from the ground up. New look, new style, new mailing list. Take a look here:

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Now back to the videos on how to be a best-selling author.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I've been a fan of science fiction for most of my life, I still have many of my paperbacks from college. They run from Asimov to Zelazny, space opera to fantasy. So, after twelve novels that are thrillers and young adult stories, what the hell. And it was a challenge by my agent, a dare if you will, that got me started. Thank you Kimberley Cameron.

Sector 73 is available after June 9, 2020 at Amazon. (click Here to order).

It is a classic space opera. It has a cranky robot, a heroic captain, a nun from the Sisters of the Revealment, a prophet, and things that go blink in the night. It takes place four hundred years in the future when mankind has colonized Mars and uses the asteroid belt as their source of raw materials. But mankind hasn't changed, the world at that time is the result of new world wars, unfathomable destruction, and interplanetary politics.

I hope that this will be the start of a series that focuses on the asteroid dragger, The Gypsy King, a two hundred year old space tow truck. Its adventures, its crews, and the people that make up the world as I see it in the future.


Science fiction, as we've seen during the last seventy years has in many cases gone from fiction to reality. So who knows if there will be a Captain Buster Strabo in our future.


And for a little taste of the story, here's the Book Trailer: