Friday, April 10, 2020

Finally Did It! SCI-FI RULES


Cover Reveal and Pre-Order
On June 9, 2020 I’ll be releasing SECTOR 73 as an ebook. Within a month, a paperback will also be available – all through Amazon books. This is my first foray into Science Fiction, a genre that I’ve read and admired since I was eight years old when my mother gave me the Tom Swift books (they came with a cool carboard bookcase). Once a month, for maybe a couple of years, I got one more book – that I devoured. Later I moved on to Asimov, Heinlein, Pournelle, Niven, and so many others. There’s a quiet nuance about space operas, the genre that SECTOR 73 falls into. It was a hoot to write – kind of liberating. And I like what John Scalzi is doing these days. Anyway, it is available for pre-order, and as noted above, on June 9. And don't forget that ST. PETERSBURG WHITE, pub-date August 11, is available for pre-order too.

In the 25th century, when humans have colonized the moon and Mars and established outposts in the asteroid belt, a particular breed of men and women have evolved the industrial art of asteroid harvesting. Dragging chunks of primordial rock and ice to smelters circling Earth and Mars, they have become the principal source of raw materials for all these new world’s metals, fuels, water and breathable air.

One dragger, Buster Strabo, the captain of the Gypsy King, has for more than twenty years towed these elemental rocks sunward to the colonies. On this last drag, he discovers a rock that is more than he expected; in fact, more than the whole of humanity bargained for. Can this one asteroid answer humankind’s greatest questions: Are we alone in this universe and is there something else out there?

What is in Sector 73 that will forever change civilization’s and religion’s beliefs? What elemental spark will drive the world to demand: Who are we and where did we come from?
Who is Buster Strabo?

Buster Strabo – is the Captain’s name. He’s been dragging rocks from the belt sunward to the colonies and earth for more than twenty years. Twenty years that would make any young man old. Dragging rocks through the vacuum of space will do that.

Buster Strabo – is the captain of the asteroid tow truck, the Gypsy King. The fusion powered spaceship is a one hundred and fifty-year-old accumulation of steel, aluminum, and diamond glass. Strabo’s the fifth or sixth captain, but who’s counting.

Buster Strabo – is owner of the cantankerous noid Hank; however, can you truly own a robot? Can anyone own anything so powerful and intelligent? 

Buster Strabo – was there on the rescue ship twenty years earlier when they saved Tassos Orion, the then captain of the Gypsy King. The man who was charged with the loss of his entire crew—some say he murdered them.

Buster Strabo – older brother to Sister Anne, a nun of the Revealment order and very close to the Pope. And soon to be the director of the new colony on Mars.

Buster Strabo – a non-believing agnostic, who unwillingly becomes an integral part of the greatest event that humans have ever seen; some call it a miracle.