Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years. We've gotten this far, so don't give up, get your shot (when you can), spend time with friends, and most of all take care of yourself. There are great things ahead.


I will be releasing my latest Detective Tony Alfano thriller on February 16, 2021. This will be an ebook for now, with the paperback available sometime in March (I hope). for those that don't know Tony, here is a snippet from he novel:

Detective Anthony Alfano tugged at the hem of his crisply pressed dark grey suit jacket, snugged up his red silk tie, and adjusted the Colt in his shoulder holster. He was tall, snappishly thin. The pinstripes in his suit added the illusion of an inch or two to his height. His face was narrow, with a hard, long jaw, thin mouth, and a fashionably crisp William Powell mustache. The mustache enhanced a sharp, slightly hooked nose (with a perceptible kink on its ridge due to being broken a few times) that anchored his face like a spike driven between his dark grey eyes. Hidden under his grey fedora was a thick head of black hair that was evolving to grey at the temples. If grey were a meal, Tony Alfano was a serious grey serving. After setting the brim of his hat, he lit a cigarette, and strolled north up the west side of State Street. This night the sidewalks were full; the weather, for a Friday night in mid-September, was warm and dry.

I am looking forward to an exciting year - bother personally and professionally. We will get out of the house (once vaccinated) and get back to seeing the world, if there is anything left of it. I fear that it will be a long time before some parts are open again. Professionally, I am looking to publish at least three books this year, possibly four. Great stories are underway that will take you all the corners of the world. To name just a few: Carmel, Cairo, Rome, Montana, Los Angeles, the moon and Mars, London, Chicago, and even Cleveland.

Stay tuned, the road will be bumpy. . . . .