Friday, January 8, 2016

New Years Resolutions For Writers

It is my opinion that writers, more than most, make New Years Resolution in numbers far beyond the normal guilt ridden lists of regular folks. Much of it due to the stack of incomplete manuscripts stuffed in folders spread across the computer screen, stacks of notebooks, unread novels, and a general dissatisfaction with the state of their work. So out come the goals, the lists, and the resolutions for the coming year.

Most writer’s resolutions tend to be along these lines:
  1.  Finish the current Work In Progress (WIP) by April 1, and this is not a joke.
  2.  Have the last WIP run through Grammerly and get it off to the editor (confirm loan at bank).
  3. Follow-up with that agent you met at Bouchercon who was so interested in your work that she actually remembered you on day two of the conference. Get WIP ready.
  4. Update Curriculum Vitae for the New Year. Remember to include the mention of that novel that won Best New Author from the local affiliate of the Nora Roberts Book Club – also update all book descriptions—this is important, get done by end of February.
  5. Sign up for at least three  two writer’s conferences, ask partner if they like Utah.
  6. Try to meet Michael Connelly, get autograph. If not him, try for Lee Child or David Baldacci.
  7.  Start outlining and spit-balling the new follow-up sequel to that thriller wasting away in that stack of papers on the shelf. Goal: If there are two books in the series a publisher might be more interested.
  8. Back up everything on the computers, do it now. Or at least, by the end of the month – remember what happened last time!
  9. Two options: Drink less or drink better.
  10. Take 2015 Resolution list pinned to corkboard and place in manila folder of Past Resolutions. Do not look at previous lists.
So, as you can see my list is little different than yours. Maybe the order, maybe the direction, but without a doubt the phrase “Stop Procrastinating” seems to cover them all.
Make 2016 the most productive and creative year of your career.

Happy New Year