Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thanks to All

Thanks to all of you for downloading your free copy of 12th Man For Death. The promotion was a huge hit, over 2500 copies of the book were downloaded from Amazon. And almost 50 other books in the Sharon O'Mara series were also downloaded.

If you would be so kind to sign into my mail list that would be even better. I'm trying to get to 5000 names and I'm woefully short. Once you sign in looks for special treats later int he year, who know what it might be.

I'm also announcing the release date for the next Alfano thriller, Chicago Fix. It will be published as an e-book on December 11. Pre-orders will be soon. I'll let you know.

Saigon Red is available for pre-order so click the image on the right and get it. It will magically appear on your device March 6, 2019.

All else is good. Sfi-Fi novel is through initial production and will now go into deep space looking for a publisher. The next Sharon O'Mara is in editing, pub date to be announced this fall.

Just a few requests please:

Please post a review for any of my books, this is so important these days to independent publishers.

Please buy a copy and fall into the worlds of Sharon O'Mara, Tony Alfano, and Howie Smith.

More to come . . . . .

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