Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Thank You!
Thank you to all those that have downloaded my novels during the past three weeks. We have had nearly 10,000 copies of Chicago Jazz, The Cherry Pickers, and Diamonds For Death downloaded. It had also led to over a hundred copies of the other novels, in the various series, also being purchased and downloaded. Thank you to all of you for allowing me a few hours of your time. I hope that you enjoy them.

Working furiously on the editing for the next Tony Alfano thriller, Chicago Fix. This should be released later this fall. Tony has become one of favorite characters, it allows me to explore the issues of police procedurals as well as imagining what Chicago was like in the 1930s before there were car radios, high speed communications, and of course our favorite toy of today, the cell phone. The series will proceed in a time frame of weeks, not years. In fact, I’m trying to develop interesting stories that include the Century of Progress World’s Fair, and Chi-Town’s historic fact of corrupt politicians and organized crime. If you have any ideas, just drop me a line at

Sharon O’Mara is not forgotten. I’m hoping to release this winter the next book in the series, #6. It is titled Limerick For Death and takes the whole gang to Ireland to help Kevin Bryan figure out how to deal with his inheritance—an estate and farm overlooking the Irish Sea in County Cork. It even has an evil New York City developer.

Alex Polonia (Venice Black – almost a hundred reviews, posted and starred), will be back next March. The new thriller, also published by Thomas & Mercer, is called Saigon Red and as the name implies, Alex is off to Milan, Dubai, and Saigon. New job, new boss, and a new evil awaits. Into the final editing. I’ll post here when the cover is announced.

I’ve been told by my new publisher, Black Opal Books, that my two World War II thrillers will be out next year—that’s right two thrillers published in the same year. Excited to work with this new publishing house. The books are tentatively titled: This Face of Evil, and Pawns in An Ancient Game. Both are Max Kline and Regi Norcross OSS/MI6 thrillers. Thank you to my agent, Kimberley Cameron for making this happen.

So, the bottom line: five novels to be published over the next eighteen months. No rest for this writer, and as John Lennon said: “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”

The Future:
Working on a science fiction thriller (yes, that’s right SciFi), more on this later. Also, a family saga that deals with the aftermath of the Vietnam War and how, even after fifty years, its impact still haunts the Davis family.

I hope that you enjoy my work, all I ask is a short review. And while I may not agree with some of the comments, I respect and appreciate every reader and their interest in my work.

More later . . . . .

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