Sunday, August 14, 2016


I am thrilled to announce that my Detective Tony Alfano detective novel CHICAGO SWING won a second place silver medal for 2016 from the Global Ebook Awards. To be selected as one of the top 2016 mystery-thrillers for this award is both gratifying and humbling. Dan Poynter, who passed away this past year, was the guru and cultural driver behind self-publishing for the past thirty years and began the Global Ebook Awards. He laid the groundwork for most of us independent writers and publishers to follow and was there offering support and hurrahs. He was also one of the earliest in the industry to understand the magnitude and impact that ebooks would have on the publishing industry. I attended a conference two years before the iPad rolled into town and Dan was there, along with Mark Coker of Smashwords, talking indie-publishing and how ebooks would reach millions more than the old traditional methods of publishing. He is missed and the publishing industry is poorer for not having him here.

CHICAGO SWING is available next weekend for $1.99 at Amazon along with the second in the series, CHICAGO JAZZ. If you want to get a feel for Chicago in 1933, download a copy now.

What you will get:
For Chicago police detective Tony Alfano, it was not like most mornings. Today it was five bombings throughout the Loop, two hundred pounds of missing dynamite, and one dead Hungarian in an alley off Washington Street. Is it the Outfit, the Mob, Bolsheviks, or the unions? In the dark speakeasies and nightclubs of Chicago’s underworld, Alfano treads the sharp edge of sanity and delusion, praying that it’s just mob vengeance and not typical Chicago politics.
In Depression racked Chicago, three people crash into each other, each hoping for vengeance, redemption, and salvation. Alfano thought he’d seen it all in his twenty years on the force, but this is brutally and explosively different. Can he stop the killer or will the killer get to him first?

. . . . and to add pressure, the city’s corrupt mayor demands that Alfano catch the killer before the gates to the Century of Progress World’s Fair and Chicago are opened to America and the world.

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