Sunday, July 17, 2016


The weekend of July 8 to 12 was spectacular, and I want to thank all of you who downloaded a Kindle copy of the first Sharon O'Mara book, Land Swap For Death. We had over 3,750 downloads and a number of attendant sales of the other O'Mara books. Outstanding and thanks to all.

I've even begun to see a lot of page turning in the Amazon lending library, about 400 pages per day from those that decided to access the book through the Prime library - thanks for that. I may even get paid for a few of those pages.

Lots of great things happening with the unpublished books. My agent - the fantastic Kimberley Cameron - is trying to sell a few of my books right now. A World War II historical thriller, a new contemporary thriller that takes place in Venice, Italy, and a couple of other ideas that I have to keep on the QT.

Working on three manuscripts right now, a historical WWII thriller that takes place in Cairo, a followup to Elk River, and a new O'Mara Chronicle that will be the best ever.

Chicago Jazz is selling - but tell your friends, you will love Tony Alfano. As someone said the Alfano thrillers are "Noir at its best."

More later . . . . .

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