Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello Boys, …..I’m Back

Michael Connelly at Bouchercon
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Bouchercon was everything I hoped it would be. I met a serious bunch of very serious writers and fans who love the mystery/thriller/noir industry so much that they just have to get together once a year to shake hands, tell lies, and brag. Loved it.

I want to thank Peg Brantley for inviting me to dinner and meeting four other women writers, talk about a thorn amongst roses. Peg was a delight and you should look up her books (Here). I want to thank R. P. Dahlke for pointing me to the right road for marketing my books. Thanks Rebecca, now if I could just get you to help me understand the thirty five page handout, not your fault just my lack of marketing talent.

I especially want to thank Les Edgerton, Giants fan extraordinaire, even though he lives somewhere in Indiana. His newest book, The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic, Kidnapping is a treat for both baseball fans and lovers of New Orleans. Great job Les and I still think it reminds me of Hunter Thompson's work from the 70s.

I fun lunch was had with George Fong, Kirk RussellColin Campbell, and Robin Burcell. All I could do was listen to these pros and well-known authors.

The list of mentions is too long. But it was a classy event, well organized, and informative. The Hyatt and the Long Beach Convention Center were the venues; unfortunately the Hyatt has one of the worst hotel bars I have ever been in. We managed, but liquor and thriller writers go hand in hand – and sadly this bar did not cut it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Long Beach downtown and waterfront. It had a small village of touristy shops that were a lot better than San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, at least six good sized chain restaurants (all P F Chang quality) nearby and all had great bars. Just saying.

For me the high point was a front row seat to listen to Michael Connelly talk about his upcoming Harry Bosch Amazon TV series, his new book, and the tribulations of being the most popular crime detective writer today (hint: too much traveling, learning to write on planes, etc.). We all dream of being in his shoes.

Next year in September, Bouchercon is in Raleigh, South Carolina. Never been to Raleigh, should be able to add it to my cities visited list.

Now I am well inspired and forming the start of marketing campaign. I'm finished inserting my books into IngramSpark's magical distribution system, and most importantly getting back to writing. For the last six plus months I have been in production and editing mode with three new books – all almost done. Two more weeks then back to Tony Alfano and his new series, Sharon O’Mara and her travels to Istanbul, and the Smith family in Michigan in 1966. Remember that two new books are out this January, a third sometime this summer, and who knows what else by the end of the year.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone,

More Later . . . . . . . .

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  1. Greg, one of my personal highlights at B-Con was meeting you. Just wish we could have had more time to gab! Can't wait to glom onto your new novel, DIAMONDS FOR DEATH. Gotta be great--it features the All-Star game in San Francisco! When I got back home, I had to fight my son Mike over the t-shirt you so generously gave me. I've still got it and he's got a black eye, so...