Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coming To An Apple Mini Near You

It is almost time to push the send and publish button. 12th Man For Death is edited, corrected, recrafted for Amazon ebook/Kindle, as well as ready for the printer. It is a great story and readers will get a humorous kick out of it. I published parts of the first chapter two weeks ago and have posted the first two chapters in the above header, enjoy.

We're trying a new venture with this book and it will transfer through the three previous O’Mara Chronicles. All the books will go through CreateSpace for printing. CreateSpace is an owned subsidiary of Amazon that provides printed books through the Amazon book website. It is a print-on-demand (POD) house that will print and send the book as it is ordered through Amazon (I have also been told that they can provide books to bookstores as well). We have previously worked with a printer in Los Angeles, who did very good work, but with the cost of sending books to us, then to the customer (person or store), the cost of the shipping alone was more than the cost to print the book. CreateSpace and Amazon charge the buyer and since the book is printed when needed, there is no warehousing and the book is always available. And there is no cost to us – which is very cool.

The goal of our publishing house, Windsor Hill Publishing, is to find ways of getting our books to as many customers as we can through as many routes as possible. There are two dominant ways of getting the book to the reader, POD and ebooks. With CreateSpace, the printed book becomes readily available and can be quickly adjusted or reedited (by emailing a new pdf file) as needed. With ebooks, it’s instantaneous. Post the file in the appropriate formatted Word file in Kindle/Amazon and within a day, there you are. Anyone can be a published author.

We are also going to try a few new things to gin-up business and buzz about the books. For the first ninety days the ebook will be available through the Kindle library – that’s right you can borrow the book and not have to buy it (we get a few cents from Amazon for this effort). You do need to have the Kindle app on you Apple iPad or Mini, or obviously a Kindle in one of its various forms. I will post here the info as soon as it is ready. The print version will also be available and is not a part of this library ebook program.

We are extremely excited about this new move. What we do need are readers and fans of Sharon O’Mara. Here are a couple of ideas for the holidays, when you buy someone a Kindle or Apple Mini, load Sharon’s books as an additional part of the gift. (the first three are available now at Amazon – see right and click away). Within a few weeks the paperback books will be available, purchase then and they make a great stocking stuffer. We will also have a contest sometime in January where the winner will win a box set of all four books, maybe it’s a treasure hunt, maybe something else, not sure.

And one more thing, if you would be so kind as to send this blog address to five or more of your best friends so they can share in the fun excitement of 12th Man For Death.

More Later . . . . . .

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