Wednesday, September 12, 2012

O'Mara Update

The O'Mara Chronicles App - (Coming soon, I hope)

Short update today. 12th Man 4 Death is at the editor, hope to have back by the end of the month. Cover design is underway. Goal Mid-October:  Post some covers ideas for thumbs up or down. There will be a contest in November for free copies of all the Sharon O’Mara books, still working on that. 

Within the publishing world of Windsor Hill Publishing (WHP) lots of cool things are in the works. This will take a few months to pull together but look for something exciting and dramatic by spring. We originally formed WHP to offer our books under our complete control, from soup to nuts. Writing, composition, pbooks and ebooks, and marketing – all with their own unique challenges. Distribution through Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and others, they are all there, check them out. But as with everything in sales it comes down to marketing and word of mouth - so pass the word.

Our goal over the next six months is to explore additional avenues in marketing and access. One interesting and growing phenomenon within the tech and publishing world is the ubiquitous APP. A number of children’s books are being offered as apps (they are often and continually updated by the authors). The initial idea seems interesting, but what it may become is another story. I will keep you updated on this whole concept. Sharon O’Mara is not a techno-phobe and she disdains Luddites, so she has told me “Go techno if it helps to get my stories out there.” I can’t argue with a redhead.

So the next six months will be interesting. With the return of the America’s Cup to the Bay Area next year (finally the real races will begin), the new book should be a marketer’s dream. Tease your friends, have them pick up a copy, better yet send copies to all your friends. Pass the word.

More later . . . .

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