Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Work, Work, Work

A strange thing has happened this week, my other job got frantic. It’s the one that helps pay for the fun and opportunity to write, see video below. If there is one part of this writing gig that I won’t tolerate it is the “starving artist” scenario, so a job on the side is necessary. 

So with so many things to discuss:
  • Microsoft and Barnes and Noble Nook deal,
  • The Justice Department and Apple,
  • The cost of ebooks,
  • Scheduling a book tour in Michigan,
  • and whether the riches of Venice will turn Sharon O’Mara to the dark side,
they will just have to wait until next week.

But I offer this little video that dwkazzie scripted that tells what it’s all about:

More later . . . ..

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