Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's All Hard To Believe

It is hard to believe that this is the 73rd blog post for Writing4Death, just shy of one and a half years. During this time we have published one novel, Elk River, and two Sharon O'Mara Chronicles. We have redone the covers and updated the files at Amazon and Smashwords (which then flows through the bookselling industry). I can also say, without reservation, I have learned a lot about everything from blogging to creative writing. Forcing yourself to put out two columns a week (check out COGITO URBANUS) for the last couple of years will require you to become a thrifty wordsmith. Yes, less is more, especially if the less is getting better.

On or about the first of February, I posted a schedule for the next book. I should be at 60,000 words by June 1, I'm now at 58,000 words and the story has taken on a life of its own (I just love it when it happens) and I will continue to push through the schedule - and maybe beat my expected time. For me a schedule is necessary, it may not be for you, but when you have two more novels ahead of you under development, well ya' just have to push through.

The backstory for the new book is the America's Cup sailboat races in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rich boys and their toys, who will win and who will die? Sharon will find out! And you thought sailing was only dangerous on the high seas!

BTW, in Toulouse 4 Death I had a bike chase through Paris, well Sharon and her close friend Gina, are staying in a palazzo in Venice, and with all those canals and tourists - well just let your imagination run wild.

I hope to post the ebook by October 15, 2012.

I am also looking for brave souls who might want to review the draft book so I can get feedback - drop me an email at - your identity will remain secret. Put "I Want To Read W4D" in the header. I will get back to you. This is NOT an attempt at free editing - I have a very good man for that, what I want to story criticism, I don't want copy editing - it will have typos and rough spots so be warned if interested. I will even put your name in the acknowledgements.

Get feedback and comments from Sandy's followers and an uptick in sales as a result. I did a ten minute interview for Sandy and she posted it on her site (Sandy's Spotlight). Please check her out!

Here is the YOUTUBE video I put together with Sandy, enjoy!

More Later . . . . .

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