Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What A Year, Next Will Be Even Better

It has been exactly one year since the start of this blog. During that time I posted schedules (that were met or exceeded), covers (that were often revised - a lot), edits (revised - even a lot more), and eventually the final product. Over 35,000 words. Containers 4 Death was published during this time and Toulouse 4 Death was written, edited, and published. And now we are working on the next in the O'Mara Chronicles. And BTW, Elk River, my novel was published. So many words, so little time.

This next year looks just as promising. I'm almost 20,000 words into the next adventure that focuses on Sharon's efforts to help find the cause of a mysterious death prior to the America's Cup race in San Francisco Bay. And remember she hates sailboats. So far it's great, but then again I'm biased.

I am also outlining my next novel. It's ten years later in the orchards of northern Michigan. 1966 was the beginning of change in America. Social causes, the Vietnam War, politics, woman's rights, the SDS, everything was thrown into the air. How or where they would land raised fear and mistrust between the generations, even within a wholesome family called Smith.

I am also proud to announce that Toulouse 4 Death is now in paperback. It will be available by February 5 through Amazon. But if you are impatient, drop me an email at, and we will see that you get a copy - it's $18.00 and includes all shipping and handling.


More Later . . . .

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