Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Toulouse 4 Death -- The Movie

Well, really the book trailer for my new thriller Toulouse 4 Death. Why we do these things - book trailers - I'm not sure. A bit of the herd mentality, since everyone does it, so why not? But they are a lot of fun to pull together and they do help to market the book, a little.

Click on the image - which is an actual photo of billions of Nazi gold in a cave under Germany and that's a real American GI standing amongst the treasure.

My goal is to tease the viewer into buying the book, or at least explore the possibility a little more that just looking at the cover. There is more to tell than just that.

I have posted book trailers for all the 4 Death books, Land Swap, Containers, and now Toulouse. When you go to Toulouse the others will pop-up (there's also a nice tour of our garden in the spring - called Windsor Hill, our publishing company was named after the garden).

Enjoy, and I would really like to hear your comments, so feel free to add them below.

This is the URL if the video doesn't open.

More Later . . . .

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