Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Well Flogged Book

When you write three blogs a week there will come a time when you think you have run out of words or ideas. You have already flogged the schedule, the cover, the pre-publishing announcements, the pending announcements, the “it-will-soon-be-here” announcements, the “one-more-thing-to-add” announcements, and the missed my deadline announcement . 

But then there is the: It’s almost, almost here announcement! Well this is THAT announcement.

Next Friday, December 2, barring a meteor or some other calamity, Toulouse 4 Death will be posted as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords.

For those patient readers who have followed this nine month process here is the story:

Once again Sharon O’Mara has a job to do: Return an incredible Toulouse-Lautrec painting to its rightful owners after it was stolen by the Nazis in 1938. Sharon quickly discovers there is more to her client’s secret treasure than just a few paintings. After seventy years an American GI and a Nazi SS soldier are again pitted against each other. Gold bullion and Impressionist paintings are nothing compared to the rumors of billions in hidden World War II treasure. Can Sharon solve the mystery or will she die before she can foil the evil goal of world domination by the ‘New Reich.’

That’s it. Stolen art, tons of gold, tunnels under Germany, wine making, old and young Nazis, Argentina, San Francisco, a billionaire and Paris, what more could you want?

This is the cover:

I will send an epub version of the book to the first three of my readers who respond to me at Please post your name, city you live in, and of course your email. I will send you the epub file (or other version if requested) the second week of December. Everyone who responds will be acknowledged, be the first!

I am starting a new book (actually already a couple of thousand words into it); I will post its schedule next month. I will also see if I can beat the last book’s nine months production schedule.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Greg, Bonnie, Sharon and the rest of the Writing 4 Death gang

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