Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Tale of Two Books

I am in the beginning stages of two love affairs. I have completed two books this year (actually three with the early spring publication of Containers 4 Death). Toulouse 4 Death and Elk River are, as they say in the movie business “in the can.” So what to dive into next? What scribbling should I begin? Maybe a steampunk piece, maybe a romance (I don’t think so, at least not yet). But then again, sure, why not, let’s do the sequels.

The Sharon O’Mara Chronicles have always been about developing the main character around interesting stories. They need to be situations and story lines that I, as the creator, will enjoy over the six months of writing. If I get bored, Sharon will get bored, and lord knows you don’t want a hot chick, who carries a gun, bored. She continually demands satisfaction so in this next book, I am going to give it to her. Stay close over the next few months; it’s going to be fun and maybe sexy. The Bay Area will shine in this one.

But the sequel to Elk River is very different. The first book takes place in 1956 in the cherry country of northern Michigan. World War II still held its survivors in its cold embrace, America was going through profound changes, and a young man is growing up. I recommend the book to you.

In the sequel it will be ten years later. 1966 was a dramatic and life changing year for many young people, it set much of the agenda for the rest of the century and is still with us today. Vietnam, national politics, the early protests, SDS in Michigan, and still the need to bring in the cherry crop trump them all. Farming does not wait for politics. What is Howie Smith doing? What effects have success had on the family? And what happens to a nineteen year old boy in the jungles of Vietnam?

The next year will be a tale of two books. No names yet, no working titles. Just a bunch of eager characters who wish to strut the stage and signify something. I just hope they can remember their lines.

More later . . . .

By the way, tomorrow in addition to being Veterans Day, is also Nigel Tufnel Day. Nigel, lead guitarist for the group Spinal Tap, was the first to have his amplifier’s volume knob go to 11 (tomorrow's date is 11-11-11). No one had done that before. Brilliant!  ENJOY

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