Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sharon O’Mara and Fashion Week
In association with Fuse Fashion Magazine I am having a book signing tonight at their offices from 5:30 to 7:00. There will also be a champagne reception and a greet-and-meet. The address is 1475 North Broadway in Walnut Creek, California.

As you may know, the second Sharon O’Mara Chronicle book, Containers 4 Death, focused, with the accuracy of a Beretta pistol at close range, on our collective fear of what is in those millions of shipping containers crossing the oceans and flying down our freeways. Are they filled with televisions or abducted young girls from China? Are they crammed with Super Bowl tee shirts or weapons for the Mexican cartels? Is that a bomb they are hiding or just the latest fall fashions?

Our hero finds herself intricately involved in a case that starts in Cabo San Lucas with forged handbags and the beginnings of an international gang war and moves to the docks in Oakland. Will she rescue two kidnapped young girls or will she again wear the wrong outfit to a gun fight? And will she save the fashion industry?

In addition to the book signing, a fashion show featuring handbags and other fashion accessories will be put on by Fuse Fashion Magazine and will follow the book signing.

“Guns and handbags, all the things you need to start a war.”

See you tonight.

More later . . . .

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