Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Progress and Printing and Promotion

Elk River is in the printer hands, it was sent last Friday, they promised galley proof tomorrow, Thursday. Not bad during these hard times at printers and publishers. I am using BurdgeCooper in Los Angeles. They printed the first two books for the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles and did a great job at an affordable price. They don’t have complicated setup charges and other indirect costs, they are clean and efficient. Love it. If you want to know more about them and what they can do for you and your self-publishing empire, email Darnetta Brown at Use my name, give them a try, but be warned you have to do all the prep work and composition. They are only a printer, period. If you need more hands-on help probably Createspace or Lightning Press would be the way to go. Check out the advice that Joel Friedlander has on his website (click here). Joel is my guru on all things books and book building. His book, A Self Publisher’s Companion, is a must, available through Amazon – the ebook is great. (go here for both) 

Now the fun part, marketing.

In the latest O’Mara Chronicle, Toulouse 4 Death, Sharon is fighting a 93 year old Nazi and his blond granddaughter while trying to return stolen paintings to their rightful, though unsuspecting, owners. I’m back into the fight now; my goal is to have the draft finished by the end of the month. Rewrite soon after and ready for the street by November. When I started this missive/blog at the beginning of the development of the book in January, I was optimistic about the schedule, still am, but more humble. It’s a lot of damn work!

Sharon has an email address now at, drop her a line, she would love to hear from you. Maybe discuss weaponry, handbags, fishing, scotch, cooking, or dog care. She’s up for anything.

Here at Windsor Hill Publishing, our little operation that produces and markets the 4 Death Chronicles, Elk River, GI Town, and travel guides for the Gardens of England, our website will be underway very soon. We are reconstructing the look, access and communications between our customers and us. Bonnie, the president of Windsor Hill Publishing, is working hard on pulling this together. We also see this as a portal for our bookstore partners to order books. Be patient, I’ll let everyone know when are up and running.

More later . . . .

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