Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Done, Complete, Finished, Huzzah

A short missive today, I’m exhausted. Toulouse 4 Death was completed late Monday night, it’s done. I will let it gestate a week or so then get into a hard edit. Add a few things that have occurred to me as the story evolved; nothing major. Also have to pick up a few issues of continuity and make sure that Sharon O’Mara is properly dressed for the important parts of the book. I am getting feedback that some of my readers from earlier books want to know what she’s wearing, some of the girls want to know how you conceal a Beretta 94F with that figure of hers, and some of the guys don’t care. My readers are important, so let’s see what happens.

The story finished at 70,300 words, 5,000 more than Containers 4 Death. It will still fit within the format and layout I’m striving for in these books. Now I’m working on the cover and hope for feedback as I try some different ideas. I’ll let you know.

The first rewrite is due October 7, 2011 per the schedule. I’m aiming for the rewrite by mid-September. It will be on to my editor Dennis DeRose, soon after that. Put it on your calendar Dennis (see blatant promo above in header). Publishing date is November 15, 2011, just in time for Christmas. Hint-hint! I may also be putting the three books in one bundle for a special price, again watch this space for updates. Ebook for Toulouse 4 Death will be available about then as well.

More later . . . . .

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