Friday, August 7, 2020



"This intricately plotted game of international cat-and-mouse will please thriller fans who like their page-turning intrigue spiced with dry humor." -- BookLife Review/Publishers Weekly

We are published on August 11, 2020 on Amazon, click the links and be one of the first to read the latest thrilling adventure of Alex Polonia. I'm thrilled with the reviews of my fellow writers and those of Publishers Weekly and 

"It's a whacking great tale of mesmerizing characters careening through exotic places you seldom get to read about. ST. PETERSBURG WHITE is one terrific thriller." -- Jake Needham, author of the Mean Streets Crime Novels

"St. Petersburg White is an absolute non-stop thrill ride in the world of cyber-terrorism. Highly recommended." -- James L'Etoile, author of At What Cost and Bury The Past

"What and who caused the disruption of part of the American electrical grid? Was it sabotage or a fluke? As Alex Polonia tries to find out, she dodges relentless pursuers throughout St. Petersburg and nearby Baltic countries--all while Randall's readers enthusiastically turn the pages of this exciting novel." -- Gary M. Lepper, author of A Deadly Game and the other David Kenmuir "Deadly" adventures 

"Randall continues surprising and pleasing his readers with this third international thrill ride in the eastern Baltic Sea. Randall’s genius is suspense and intrigue on every page. I continue to be a big fan." Robert Dugoni #1 International Best-Selling Author The Tracy Crosswhite Series and The Last Agent


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