Monday, March 25, 2019

Thank You - Thank You

Thank you all of you out there who took a leap of faith and downloaded Venice Black and Saigon Red. We have had over 5,000 downloads since March 5. And what's really a pleasant surprise is that half of these are for Venice Black - which has been out since March 2018.

I'm also thrilled to find that more than half have been purchased from readers in the United Kingdom and Australia. The specials there are on their respective Amazon sites. Who would have thought that me, a confirmed Anglophile, would have a readership in England. Thank you to all of you.

There's a special deal going on for $3.99 for Venice Black - a buck off the regular price. This is through the end of the month. Just click on the cover.

And last, but not least, don't forget Sharon O'Mara and Tony Alfano, two characters in the Greg Randall pantheon of unforgettable characters. Sharon and Tony are close to my heart, and Alex Polonia is right up there with them.

Everything is available by clicking the book covers.

And don't forget to go to my web site: And, if you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you will receive a free PDF copy of Land Swap For Death - Sharon O'Mara Book One.

And coming soon will be Sharon's Limerick For Death.

Stay Tuned . . . . .

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