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Diamonds For Death - First Review In

Four Big Stars out of Five
Diamonds For Death: Sharon O'Mara Book Five is an international thriller written by Gregory C. Randall. While this is book 5 in the series, the author gives enough background for this novel to be read on its own. Sharon is independently wealthy now, thanks to the bequest of her friend and former client, Alain Dumont, but she's still intrigued by the story of Eddy Mendez, a baseball scout and close friend of Toribio Rodriquez. Mendez had been instrumental in Rodriquez' defection from Cuba, but his promise he made to the baseball player about getting his family out of Cuba had been impossible to fulfill. When Toro defected, his wife, mother and young son were secretly removed from their lodgings, and they became the unwilling guests at a coffee plantation owned by a corrupt Cuban official. It's been ten years now since the family was together, and Sharon agrees to help get them reunited.

Gregory C. Randall's international thriller, Diamonds For Death: Sharon O'Mara Book Five, is an exciting and fast-paced story that follows Sharon and her friend, ex-cop Kevin, as they embark on different projects which turn out to have threads in common. I enjoyed both Kevin's travels in England and his efforts to protect the diamond shipment and Sharon's Cuban adventure, but the real stars of this book for me were the baseball players. Randall's descriptions of Toro at bat are superb -- one really gets the feeling of being there in the stadium. The Iraq flashback sequences were also vivid and moving. Diamonds For Death: Sharon O'Mara Book Five is recommended reading for thriller fans.

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4 stars.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

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