Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Horn Tooting

Every once and a while you just have to blow your own horn, especially in the self-publishing world. Below is a review I received for 12th Man For Death from Readers Favorite. I have to admit that Readers Favorite has been a favorite of mine and my heroine, Sharon O'Mara. They like her moxie.


12th Man For Death by Gregory Randall is everything you’d expect from this exciting author. Catherine Voss is murdered while taking her revolutionary new trimaran for a test sail. Her twin brother wants answers so he calls in Sharon O’Mara, Facilitator, to solve the mystery. This tough, genuine woman is ready for the challenge, even though she’s not so keen on water. This is a far from simple case - matching her own far from straightforward life - that takes her to several exotic locations while searching for the answer. As with many of the mysteries she becomes entangled with, she is drawn into contact with some powerful, menacing people - “rich crazies” - and finds herself in danger but refuses to back down. A surprise, much larger than she could ever have imagined, awaits Sharon at the end of the story, and the reader is left awaiting her next adventure.

As with all the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles, this novel is fast-paced, meticulously researched and fascinating. Randall’s attention to details ensures that every scene is realistic and factually accurate. We’re there on board Catherine’s hyrdofoil, in Paris, in Iraq, in Venice. We’re also there with Sharon, seeing inside her head and sharing her struggles and successes. She is a complex human being, with flaws and idiosyncrasies like the rest of us; she’s someone we’d like to know. Along the way she meets other equally convincing characters, although not all as likable as she is. The plot is imaginative and plausible and doesn't let up for a second. This is altogether an accomplished and absorbing novel.

Stephanie Dagg for Readers Favorite

On another front the new Sharon O'Mara book is under development - meaning I'm working as hard as I can on the damn thing. So fans, Sharon asks you to please be patient.

I am also into the last few hard edits and revisions of my new historical novel Wars Amongst Lovers. It is a great story so look here for more information in the coming months on publication.

More later . . . . . . . 

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