Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Here I Go Again - Once More Into The Breach

I started this blog to discuss and keep my loyal and faithful readers up to date on the comings and goings of Sharon O’Mara, our heroine. To date we (she) have dispatched an evil transsexual land developer, saved the high end fashion industry from knockoffs made in China (an young girls from the slave trade while we were at it), returned valuable Impressionists paintings stolen during WWII while foiling the attempts of 21st century Nazis to return to power, and lastly saved the world from nuclear Armageddon by preventing Iran from stealing a sailboat.

All in a day’s work for our gal. But what’s next, where will Sharon’s next pay check come from?

You have met the crew:
  • Sharon O’Mara - our lovely redhead with two tours of Iraq under her belt as a lieutenant in the military police and is now a paid “facilitator” whose is there to help her friends and their friends with their troubles.
  • Kevin Bryan- our six-six detective (actually he just was laid off), who has always had O’Mara’s six (and it’s a fine six at that), and now has to find a job.
  • Gina Cavelli - good friend, third generation bar owner (Geno’s) in Lafayette, California, with knock out looks and has been compared to Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren. She also can throw a mean bat when a patron thinks her bar is an ATM.
  • Claudette Leclair – Parisian software developer and a very close friend to Kevin – her grandfather was Alain Dumont – billionaire high tech financier and art collector.
  • Evelyn Luca - from the famous Italian Luca Leather company, now head of the merchandise brand STIA with stores around the world, she gave Sharon her first job – finding knockoff handbags.
  • Bobby Gillis - a sergeant in Sharon’s Iraq army MP squad, good guy, owns an almond farm near Bakersfield, would drop anything to help his Lieutenant.
Second String:
  • Sergeant Sanchez – a good guy from the LA barrio who only wants to go home from Iraq (but I have him perpetually stuck in the limbo that is the Baghdad Green Zone).
  • Colonel (and Major) Jebadiah Simpson – Sharon’s boss in Iraq, now with military intelligence and occasionally sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong.
  • Peter Brass – ex-navy Seal, Dumont’s nurse and bodyguard and housekeeper, and one hell of a nice guy.
  • Jean-Francoise Voss – what can you say? Too good looking for his own good, smart, French, rich, has friends who are Russian oligarchs, and is smitten with O’Mara.

Third String:
  • Officer Danny Chang – Oakland cop and friend of Kevin’s – his mother Norma Chang, owns a tea shop in Oakland’s Chinatown.
  • Inspector Detective Xavier Immanuel Lopez – Mexican detective and the poster boy for Latino machismo, and actually a pretty good detective.
  • Nick Nethermann – member of the California National Guard and all around good guy.

And there you are, a rouges gallery if there ever was one. What will Sharon get them involved in next?

 The new book is underway and it’s got baseball as the back story (and front as well), locations are Amsterdam and Brussels, London, San Francisco and of course Walnut Creek, California. Working title: Diamonds For Death. And here's a new idea as well, do you have some ideas for our heroes? Here are some key ideas: baseball, Cuba, London, diamonds, Iraq, San Francisco, Giants, Paris, and Amsterdam. Just post a comment with your ideas and I’ll give them a look, you never know. (And no, I do not have writer's block!)
The big twist is that I may just offer this book as a series through Amazon’s Serials.

Eight chapters, one every two weeks, word count maybe 80,000. So be patient and let’s see where Sharon leads us.

Have a great week, the 2013 baseball season starts April 1, GO GIANTS!

More Later . . . . . . .

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