Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and All That Other Stuff

Other Stuff First
This coming Sunday, January 6th at 1:00, I will be doing a book signing and reading at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California. We are looking for a great crowd, so if you are in Sharon O’Mara’s stomping ground, the San Francisco Bay Area, stop by, take a listen, and ask me questions about Sharon and her team. There are no excuses since the 49’s have a well-deserved bye-week.

This book signing is for 12th Man For Death, my latest Sharon O’Mara thriller. The reviews have been stellar and Sharon’s fans want to know when the next installment in the O’Mara Chronicles will arrive. Sadly, I am in the editing phase of my new novel, Wars Amongst Lovers, and until I can finish the first rewrite I am going to have to keep our girl on the sidelines. And besides what do you want from me? Four O’Mara books in two years is pretty damn good, even if I say so myself. What the future holds is another matter for our girl. But I promise you I will try to have another book out before 2013 is over.

By the way I am looking for Beta readers of this new novel. If interested, post a comment and let me know. I have two readers and would like three more serious readers – always remember in a Beta read you have to pass over the role of copy editor, tough but true, and just look at the story. (I can also be reached directly at rpd@LMI.net).

Happy New Year
This says it all!
Photo by Darvin Atkeson - LiquidMoonlight.com
Wow, 2013. The time just marches on, it doesn’t give one hoot about us, it just keeps on ticking away. It is all we can do just to try and keep up; we make our lists, scratch them off and add more to the bottom. Time outs are impossible. We make great plans and hope to achieve half. I am less cynical these days, we have muddled through most of the bad times and the future does look quite promising.

We all make resolutions for the New Year, most of us make the same list over and over (Note to self, publish new book New Years Resolutions for Dummies – now that would save us all time). For the most part those lists just make us more human, we strive to succeed and then come to the realization, just like last year and every year before, we are only human. But we do strive and that is the key.

For writers, we story tellers and word shamans, the goals we make for ourselves are tough. The formula is simple:

Good Characters + Good Story = Good Book

Kid of simplistic, but nonetheless true. During the coming year I will make one resolution for this blog and for you my readers.

I resolve to do what I can to help writers and self-publishers make their work better and more marketable.

So please keep following along. Some weeks will be outstanding and others, most probably, only a step above mundane. But they will all be interesting and helpful.

Have a great and prosperous New Year. And remember: You can only count your money, but you can always count on your friends.

More Later . . . . . . .

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