Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today Out In Paperback

Now Available!

Writers gush over the expectations in the world of ‘e’- commerce. Ebooks may be the future of the published written word, but to hold a real book in your hands, turn the pages, break the spine (the crack opens a new world), dog-ear the pages, and pulling out the highliner are just some of the reasons we love books. As an author I confess that, if priced properly, an ebook makes a few pennies more than a paper book, but the experiences are world apart. The buyer looks at the price: $3.99 for the ebook and $14.99 for the paperback, and then makes their choice. At this point the writer is no longer involved, it is a choice made by the marketplace. As a publisher we have to offer as many choices as possible.

The cost to produce an ebook is almost nothing, that is why the price is less. Microsoft Word is the basis for most conversions to Kindle and Nook (epub) and it’s relatively inexpensive. And with the usual hardware complement of computers and modems, you can be selling your work in a matter of hours. The split with the retailers is manageable and the exposure can be great. You can reach around the world in milliseconds.

But the feel of paper is another thing entirely. I would even suggest that we have now imbedded in our DNA the visceral feel of books in our fingertips. To peruse the stacks of books at the bookstore (or even Costco) is like a treasure hunt. What’s inside? Is the book as good as the author’s last effort? Which one? So many choices, so little time.

Well here at Windsor Hill Publishing and self-anointed guardians of the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles, we offer it any way you want. Ebook or pbook, bits and bytes or paper, Kindle or book shelf, we have them all.

The first run of Toulouse 4 Death paperbacks has arrived. Sharon can be in your hands in less than a week (she’d love it) if you send an email to or through Amazon (HERE). The book has received rave reviews and I have been told that a few more are coming in (will post here when they arrive).

This is a great series and is a delight to write. Sharon and Kevin are quite the pair, over the past year they have fought evil environmentalists, deranged developers, Chinese tongs and Mexican cartels, and Nazis – all were vanquished. Buy them today and get ready for summer vacations, really, its only four months away. Pitchers and catchers in less than two weeks!

More later . . . .

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