Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Done and Posted

Toulouse 4 Death is now at Amazon and at Smashwords. For the Amazon page click HERE, for the Smashwords page click HERE.

Last Friday I sent an email blast to 200 people who might be interested in the book and many were on my list of previous readers. I want to thank everyone who enjoy the Chronicles and have asked to know when the next installment will arrive - well here it is.

To be honest, every time I try to load the digital version on Smashwords I seem to have formatting issues and have to backtrack and rebuild the files - something gets corrupted when the files travel between three computers (Macs and PCs). So last night I sat down and rebuilt the file from scratch - Mark Coker the Smashwords inventor calls it the "Nuclear Option." I have to say that it did work, you will find it there.

In a week or two Toulouse 4 Death will arrive at iBooks (iTunes store), Nook, KOBO (a remnant of Borders I think), and Sony formats. For those who have an aversion to the 800 pound elephant in the room (Amazon) be patient, it's coming. You can go directly to Smashwords HERE.

Never one to let daylight go unused, I have already started the next Sharon O'Mara adventure. Again it takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area and its stage is the biggest that the Bay Area has to offer - San Francisco Bay itself.

And you already know how much Sharon hates sailboats (see Land Swap 4 Death) and how the Bay water itself has contributed to the evils of international trade (see Containers 4 Death), well its waters will again provide the stage.

These books make great Christmas presents for the ebook and digitally affected. In January 2012 the paperback version of Toulouse 4 Death will be available from the usual sources. If you want to be on the advanced list drop me an email at

Thanks for being so patient over last nine months. I will be posting the schedule for the next book in the series in one of the next blogs. Sharon can't wait to share it with you.

More later . . . .

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