Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What A Fix

What A Fix

A great opening month for Chicago Fix. Last weekend I offered the newest Detective Tony Alfano thriller for FREE, and did you, my readers, take advantage of the deal. Almost 3,000 of you have a copy of the novel in your devices. I'm seeing thousand of pages a day being read on the library downloads (also free), and cross-over sales of the other Chicago books. Thank you very much. 

I am also pleased that these downloads led to #1 and #2 placements in police procedurals, crime, and even pulp categories.

Next month, March 5, to be exact, Saigon Red is due to hit the streets and Wi-Fi routers across the world. But this morning they arrived, the first copies of Saigon Red.

Below is the YouTube video book trailer - - Enjoy!

More later  . . . . . .

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