Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sharon O’Mara is Back


A contract is a contract, once Sharon takes it on, nothing can stop her.

I am hoping for an October 21, 2014 release date for the next installment of the Sharon O’Mara Chronicles. The new release will be called Diamonds for Death and takes our girl and her friend Kevin Bryan to Cuba, Amsterdam, London, Baghdad, and of course San Francisco. There’s baseball diamonds, South African diamonds, jewel thieves and base thieves, and the best bar in Lafayette, California, Geno’s – owned by the sexy libationist, Gina Cavelli.

This is the fifth book in the series and Sharon is finally getting the facilitator gig under control. Her business is helping friends and friends of friends through tough situations. In the past she’s hunted down importers of fake handbags and saved young Chinese girls from the sex trade, she returned multi-million paintings to a family who lost them to the Nazis in World War II (and also foiling the rise of the New Reich), and taken down Iranian spies when she discovered the real reason why an America’s Cup captain was murdered.

She’s had bike chases in Paris, gun battles on the Grand Canal of Venice, and now in Diamonds For Death has to deal with seriously bad guys and gals in Cuba and Amsterdam.

More later about give aways, a tee shirt contest (not a wet one guys), pre-orders, and book signings.
What do you think of the cover for Diamonds for Death, let me know.

More later . . . . . . . . . .

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