Monday, January 14, 2013

I Blush With Pride

This past weekend I received a review that I will treasure. One of the most reputable book reviewers in the business is James A. Cox and his Midwest Book Review located in Oregon, Wisconsin. Their reputation is well known and respected. This is not a pay for review or even a beg for review institution, they will accept your submittable but do not guarantee a review if the work is not up to their standards. I was pleased that they accepted 12th Man For Death but they had one stipulation, all the books in the series should be reviewed at once to give their readers the broadest opinion of the work.

This is their review of the O'Mara Chronicles and the latest book, 12th Man For Death.

The Chronicles of Sharon O'Mara is an exciting, action-packed series of danger and intrigue featuring the tough, yet sexy, Sharon O'Mara, a thirtysomething (hey, who's counting?) ex-Army cop who can't overlook the injustice of a cold-blooded murder. In "Land Swap for Death" (9780982837610, $15.00) Sharon resists the soul-sucking greed of the insurance company she works for to uncover just why a man had to die in a parking lot, leaving behind a tangled real estate debacle; in "Containers for Death" (9780982837634, $14.99) Sharon investigates the Chinese Tongs and Mexican Cartels engaged in a merciless smuggling operation involving steel containers floated across the ocean; in the Global eBook Awards finalist "Toulouse for Death" (9780982837696, $14.99), Sharon's mission to return a priceless stolen painting to its rightful owners embroils her in a winner-take-all battle against a lingering Nazi SS who will stop at nothing to begin a "New Reich"; and in "12th Man for Death" (9780965651059, $14.99), Sharon's murder investigation of a skilled American Cup skipper and technical genius uncover a sinister plot to trigger World War III! In addition to their softcover print editions, all four exciting suspense stories are available as inexpensive ebooks. The Chronicles of Sharon O'Mara is a "must-read" for anyone who enjoys high-octane mystery-thrillers, highly recommended!

Go HERE for the review.

As I said, I am humbled and thrilled - now back to my next thriller. 

More Later . . . . . . 

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