Wednesday, October 5, 2011

O’Mara Update and Exciting Things are Happening!

I will get back to the building of my next book during the next few weeks. There are many things to discuss and I want to make sure that they are properly laid out. I am also waiting for the edited text of Toulouse 4 Death. Dennis DeRose is working feverishly on the draft and promises me the manuscript – soon. When I get it we can jump back into how an author needs to address and approve the comments and corrections by his editor, then I will back to the book building of  Toulouse 4 Death.


ELK RIVER Alert: On October 18th, for those of you in Northern Michigan, I will be interviewed by the National Writers Series in Traverse City on their weekly Writers Minute spot on channel 50 (and all the other ABC affiliated stations in Northern Michigan). It is scheduled for 6:45 in the evening, which works great due to the three hour time difference from my studio in California. They were gracious in allowing the change from their 6:45 morning show – 3:45 on the West Coast. I’m not sure anyone is at their best at 3:45 in the morning, especially when you need to put on your sunny marketing voice. Thanks Doug Stanton, Alex Raphael and Katie Granger for being so understanding. It may also show up later on the Writers Minute page on their web site - go HERE.

I am just getting to know the National Writers Series located in Traverse City, Michigan. They have been instrumental in bringing acclaimed authors to Northern Michigan as well as supporting new authors. Go HERE  for more information. I look forward to meeting Doug and his partners this spring during our Elk River book tour that is in the early planning stages. Let me know if you are interested in my visiting your bookstore or writer’s event. Post a comment below.

ELK RIVER is real and available in both paperback and eBook. It is online at Amazon (Kindle), and will be soon online at Kobo, Sony, and Barnes and Noble Nook. Send an email to to request a trade paperback copy, the price is $18.00 and includes shipping and handling. It will soon be available in many Northern Michigan independent bookstores - pleae support them and their ongoing battles to survive.

Send an email to to request books for your bookstore, normal discounts will apply.

More later . . . .

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