Thursday, April 14, 2011

Readers Favorite Gives Containers 4 Death 5 Stars!

Readers Favorite Review - It's also posted on Amazon.

Sharon O’Mara was on a fishing vacation in Mexico, healing from two gunshot wounds. Just as she was landing a magnificent 500 pound marlin, a nine foot red box floated by the ship. Only quick action by the captain prevented a collision with the shipping box. The captain and crew towed the box to shore in hopes of finding something on monetary value. Sharon’s investigative instinct kicked in when the red box was opened and revealed the rotting dead bodies. The box had three foot letters stenciled on the side, PCL.

Inspector Detective Xavier Immanuel Lopez assured Sharon he did not need her assistance in solving this case. Sharon could not resist investigating on her own. Designer handbags, Chinese Triad and Mexican Drug Cartel combine to make an fast paced, action packed thriller.

I was unfamiliar with Sharon O’Mara or her creator, Gregory C. Randall, when I picked up this amazing read. I can assure fans that Randall is now on my list of favorite authors. Randall is a master at characterization. Sharon O’Mara is a strong female lead; she is intelligent, curious and unstoppable. Even more important she is likable. I could picture Inspector Detective Xavier Immanuel Lopez strutting like a peacock. He was sure of himself in all ways. He considered himself, the best at his job, handsome, intelligent, and well the perfect man. I also enjoyed Kevin Bryan, Sharon’s best friend, almost brother, and side kick. It would be unforgivable if I did not mention Basil, the faithful dog. He helped give life to the plot. I enjoyed this read and look forward to the next Sharon O’Mara installment.

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